The Visitors

I have discovered that my sister’s dolls come to life at dawn. With subtle movements, they leave the miniature house in the adjoining bedroom and enter mine, half naked, to squeeze into the drawer with my articulated heroes. I keep quiet not to disturb them and, with my eyes closed, I listen to the sound of twisting plastic as it gallops against the wooden box. Half an hour later, they leave with a smile and their hair unkempt, their flexible bodies exhausted after having accomplished their mission. The occurrence takes place unfailingly night after night, but tonight it is due to be different. Peeping through the door of my bedroom, the cheerful plastic face of the giant doll I gave my sister as a birthday present looks at the heavy padlock that I have placed on my drawer and winks me an eye. Everybody is sleeping, except us.

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  1. Martin! I will wish you good luck in your new project! I think it is a fantastic adventure that you will encourage you to express yourself in English.

    I celebrate your new world of fiction ...

  2. Carina, thank you for entering this timeless room next to my living room and leaving here your nice wishes. I hope you enjoy this new project as much as I do. Greetings!