Agreeable abracadabra

I adored Ana’s mamma affectionately. Adolescent aura, an authentic Argentinean, anxious, apt to be alarmed. Adorable animal, able actress, astounding artist. She astutely allured adult Adams, with an active attitude, as if in ambush. Amicable angel, amorous archduchess. She aroused adventurous approaches. Advocate of affection, agile abdomen of almond, adorable aquamarine. Ardent, assuring amazon, angular ankles like arrows, abundant appeals, absorbing, adhesive arms, asphyxiating. Admirable aphrodisiac alcohol, awakening appetite, addictive. Astute acrobat. Avid reader of Allende, Arlt and Alfonsina. Her accords of Abba, Aznar and Maná were like allegros. Alas, why are you not around any more? Tired of so many As, she abandoned me without any adieux or advice, after an affluent adversary – an attorney under the name of Ernesto.