Blind Man’s Bluff

I like walking through the empty city at night. It is a pleasure to go around without anybody bumping into me, without racing cars or loud noises that get on my nerves. I feel like the king of the silent metropolis, anarchic, uninhabited, imperturbable.
As I walk along the dusky streets, I try to guess the hidden way, hardly illuminated by the faint light in the corner and the end of my burning cigarette. It reminds me of those unforgettable moments of my childhood, when I played the blind man’s bluff with the kids in the neighborhood and they laughed at my inability to find them in the dark. Poor fool, good-for-nothing, they told me, taking advantage of the fact that I was the youngest and most naive in the group.
They were right to some extent, because while they made progress and managed to buy the luxurious mansions that decorate the avenue, I still live in the old little house that used to be my mother’s. That must be the reason why I like visiting them once in a while, to play with their things, as they sleep.

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  1. Funny and creepy. This is a very good attempt to make your writing available in English. I also like the name "microfictions" since the term itself does not exist in English as in Spanish. I use "Microworld" on my English blog.

    Good job.

  2. Hola amigo, gracias por ser seguidor de mi blog yo también soy seguidora del tuyo .
    Un saludo cordial de MA,nos leemos y visitamos los blog .

  3. Qué lástima este tan mal traducido.
    Gracias por tu visita.

  4. Eva, Microworld is also an excellent term. Thank you for your comment.

    MA, gracias por llegar hasta aquí. Saludos

    María Jesús, lamento que hayas leído la traducción del Google en lugar de entrar a leer la versión en español directamente desde el Living sin Tiempo. Debo decir que Gustavo es un excelente traductor y creo que la traducción del español al inglés que él realizó transmite perfectamente lo que quise escribir. Saludos