Monstrous II

"I should accept that I am different," thinks the Wolf man, while he howls, looking at the sun, at noon.

Compensation for a Loss

On a sunny fall afternoon, she stole me three kisses, two hugs and one “I love you”. Then, in a few days, she got control of my heart, my soul and even my thoughts. When the robbery was completed, she took her booty away and left me alone, powerless as a swindled man. Fortunately, I have found some relief for so much misery. Since then, night after night, I compensate for my loss with the memory of her body, which appears free and lively in my most perverted dreams.

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The Forbidden One

She has been reputed as dangerous since the earliest times. The man who first dared to touch her was severely punished, even though it is undeniable that he had been seduced by her. Some years later and relying on a law so far unknown, she did not restrain herself from beating with violence the thinking head of an English scientist. At an unfair trial she was charged with poisoning a white little princess and with arousing disagreement among the beautiful Greek goddesses. She was condemned to die of an arrow blow and executed by a skillful crossbow shooter in a Swiss canton. A toast was organized in the village to celebrate her execution. Her cold body was served in a golden jug, tasting to cider.

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The Arranged Dreams

Under the purplish winter moon, they would unknowingly dream of each other. They enjoyed their company till dawn, giving full rein to their private ardent appetites in the distance. They happened to meet one afternoon and, overlooking the reasons that set them apart, they were able to confess those mutual dreams, freely and without shyness. Since then, they meet every night to love each other passionately at the arranged time, each one in their bed.

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Every morning they quarrel over anything. If she prepares tea, he wants coffee. When she serves coffee, he finds it too sweet, cold or scarce, or wants some milk to be added, or prefers to be offered some mate.
However, she has decided not to argue any more from now on. She will obediently follow all her husband’s wishes for breakfast. 
After all, any of the drinks will be useful to hide the flavor of the poison.

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